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Search Engine Marketing Firm improves Small Business bottom line

Do you remember a time prior to the Internet where businesses acquire their clients through cold-calls and when Yellow Pages were the main source for consumers?

That time has changed. Statistics shows that 8 out of 10 consumers search online for information or reviews when they look for a product or service that they need. Google alone performs over 3.6 billion searches each and every day.

Wouldn’t it be nice if your business was found when consumers searched for the service or product you have to offer?

Internet Marketing for Small Business

Contrary to popular belief, Internet Marketing is no longer limited to selling products online or international sales.  Local business services such as Healthcare professionals, Attorneys, Real Estates, and others are turning to Internet marketing because their customers are using the Internet to search for what they need.

Many businesses put up a website and go right back to finding their clients through the traditional approaches. Though they have their place,  they don’t realize that they have in their hand a very powerful tool to get them new leads for new customers and profits. And the key to that is the targeted search traffic  to your website.

Search Engine Marketing is the key to targeted traffic

Search Engine is like a filter that funnels user search queries to websites that are relevant to what the user is looking for. As the name implies, Search Engine Marketing is the marketers approach in tapping into stream of interested consumers from search engine traffic.

What are the benefits of Search Engine Marketing?

  • Targeted Traffic
  • Work for you 24/7
  • Offload your Marketing Effort

Internet Marketing from Raleigh

SpiderMizer is an Internet Marketing firm in Raleigh NC, but our clients are everywhere in the country. We help small business owners grow their client bases through online search and improve their bottom line. We have many techniques and strategies that are suitable for your business and your budget. Our search engine optimization packages are affordable and guaranteed results. Our practice is fully white-hat and compliant with Search Engine Guidelines. Click here to learn more about our professional SEO services.

Our PPC Search Engine Markeing service sets up and manage your Pay-per-Click campaign by Google Adwords Qualified Professional. Our approach is to get you lowest cost-per-click and ultimately cost-per-acquisition. Our fee model is based on how profitable PPC campaign is for your business, so you can be sure that we strive to increase your profits and lower your advertising costs. Click here to learn more about our PPC Search Engine Marketing.

We’ve done it first

Before a search engine marketing firm can improve the ranking for others, they first have to accomplish for themselves. We are on page one for organic results for the following terms, Raleigh Professional SEO, Raleigh SEO specialist, Raleigh SEO consultant, Raleigh PPC Advertising, Search Engine Optimization Consultant Raleigh, Raleigh PPC, among many others.

We think long term, for you

We think long term when we put together a strategy for your business. That means every technique we use is squeaky clean and fully compliant with Search Engine Policies so you will not get penalized somewhere down the road.We use the strategies that bring you the most result with the least cost. Every technique that we apply to your websites have first been tested and verified on our private sites to ensure the results first. In addition, we use a balance, multilayered approach to build you a strong link profile that looks natural to search engine.

We utilize data-driven result monitoring

Unlike many SEO companies that leave their clients in the dark, we prefer to let our clients know where they are with respects to the results of their SEM. We provide results as measured by 3rd party software so you can see that has been improved.

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