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by admin on March 28, 2012

If you’re looking to build consistent back links, and generate interest in anything that you’re doing online, you’re going to have to look no further than writing. Not just any type of writing, but rather writing guests posts for others. The majority of the time the posts will not pay you much, but you’ll be able to link back to your site and therefore gain some much needed exposure to a new group of readers that you might not normally reach. If you’re looking to figure out how or what to write on
another person’s site, consider the following tips and make sure you don’t just do it once, do it often.

while, you’ll be able to contact them in order to ask for a spot to write a post for them. Make sure that you’re within your niche, and you don’t travel too far away. For instance, if you’re • Target Search – You first need to start reading other people’s blogs and look at their overall readership. Start your quest by commenting on their posts, and being friendly. After a writing about kung fu movies, don’t write a post on a site dedicated to food. Stick to your niche, even if it’s under a similar banner. Looking back at the aforementioned niche, consider an option other types of “movies” and not just the genre. Look to make lateral movements in terms of topic, rather than jumping to all new irrelevant content.

  • Pre-Write – Think about the niche you’re looking to write in. Consider writing a set of articles specifically for the purpose of posting them on someoneelses website. This might be hard at first, but if you manage to write a few extra articles a day, you’ll have a stockpile of different things that you can submit to a blogger and have them review. If they enjoy it, they’ll post it and you get the back link.
  • Best Foot Forward – The second part of the aforementioned tip is to write your best. Put yourself at your best in the writing, and choose each word and any synonyms carefully. Because you have the opportunity to pre-write, you have the option to edit and re-edit, until it’s perfect. Once it’s perfect, you’ll come across as a professional, and generate attention, which is the goal here.

If you manage to utilize the above tips, and sprinkle in your own influence and style, you’ll generate many quality back links well worth the trouble. Whether you’re looking at increasing your reach through SEO or just looking for a new audience, you’ll find it by simply writing guest posts.

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