The Importance of Keyword Research in Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

by admin on April 21, 2012

Keyword research is the foundation of every search engine optimization campaign. It is the very beginning of SEO. You are not doing SEO right if you are not participating in social media sites, you need to have a list of your most important and relevant keywords. In link building for instance, how are you supposed to create an anchor link if you don’t know what your keywords are? Keyword research is something you cannot live without if you are in the SEO business.

Search engine optimization is all about getting your website to rank higher in the top search engines. This is the main objective of SEO. For you to be able to achieve this objective, you must learn how to conduct keyword research. As you should probably know by now, competition for keywords online is very tough. It’s not uncommon to see millions of websites targeting the same keyword or phrase. This is how competitive it is out there. So if you are not doing keyword research but your competitors are, then they will beat your business to the punch. They will take their positions at the top ten results while you languish on page ten or page 50.

Conducting keyword research is not that hard. It can be frustrating in the beginning but you will easily get used to it in time. There are numerous keyword research tools available in the market. Some are free and some ask for a charge. If you are running a traditional website or blog, the free tools will be more than enough to provide you with your research needs. Well, you can avail of the paid tools as long as you have the budget for it but if you are cash-strapped, stick to the free tools like the Google Keyword Tool. In cases where you don’t have the time to do the research yourself, you can always find someone to do it for you. What matters the most is that you get the keywords most relevant to the nature of your website.

Keyword research is something you should never take for granted. It lays the foundation on how people will be able to find you online. If you are using the right keywords, this would mean more traffic and more customers for your business courtesy of the search engines.


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