Tips in Adding SEO Techniques to Your Web Page

by admin on April 28, 2012

If you want to maintain an online presence, you have to use search engine optimization or SEO tools. This will enable you to be in the top result pages of search engines like Google and when you are in the top, you are more likely to get clicks from potential customers. The more clicks you get, the more chances of generating sales and profits. Here are SEO techniques that you should add to your web page to be in the top result pages of search engines.

Always incorporate programs that are easy to use by your visitors. Your web page must be readable and easily navigated by visitors. SEO techniques require the use of text rather than images. If you need to use images, add ALT tags to them so that those who cannot see images properly can read what they are. The text of the ALT tags must also have the primary keyword in them.

SEO involves the use of primary and secondary keywords so that they would be indexed by search engines. Use keywords that you think searchers will use when they make an online inquiry in search engines. You can also use online tools provided by search engines such as Google and Yahoo and other websites that provide commonly-used keywords about a specific topic. Keyword research needs determination, patience and common sense.

In SEO always provides good site navigation. With good site navigation, a user or visitor stays on your page after visiting a search engine. The longer a visitor stays on your page, it means he is getting the information he wants. Search engines actually record the time when a user stays on a website he found through them.

In your website, make sure to add more informative pages that are meaningful aside from your Home Page. For each page, have a title that will serve as a guide to visitors. These titles should be relevant and they must contain the keyword too. Search engines know everything happening in your website therefore they will know if your pages are frequented by users. Make sure the title for each page is relevant to the content it contains.

Always have high-quality content such as articles in your website as this is an effective SEO tool. These articles should have your keywords in them at not more than 5% throughout the article. When you have plenty of quality data, more readers will go to your website. When search engines notice that you are often read and visited by people due to your quality content, they will place you in their top result pages. Use around 500 to 700 words in each article and organize them properly by using sub-heading and bullet points. You should also provide text links at the bottom of each article so that readers will be encouraged to visit the next few pages of your website.

Businesses have now used SEO techniques to achieve maximum sales and profits globally. Even if your business is small, once you employ SEO effectively, you too will be able to compete with these big businesses in getting customers.


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