Top 8 PPC Advertising Tips

by admin on May 7, 2012

PPC Advertising can be effectively used for marketing campaign. In fact, it’s in marketing where the beneficial side of PPC ads takes place. Here are top 9 PPC

  • Always set your goals whether it be sales, or sign up, or review, or brand awareness. Come up with strategy you want to use in reaching these goals. Ponder
    on what metric you will use in creating your own campaign.
  • Gather data. Your data should not limit to one online-based source. Rely on other facts, records and documents that may influence your business. Note:
    relying on keywords provided by Google AdWords is not enough. As much as possible, consider approaching experienced customers since they can be a
    great source for your data.
  • Use the “Keyword Performance Report” in gathering data for optimization.
  • Bid on keywords level. The more keywords you bid, the chances of driving more traffic to your website. But this will not be pertinent to your PPC advertising
    needs. Start your keyword bid by creating a “default bid” for your ad group. Bid is very important, since it determines the return on investment for your
  • Focus on targeting proper landing pages. Finding a good landing page for your campaign usually comes as a “trial and error” rule. Note: putting in videos,
    flashy images, contrasting colors and music in targeting landing pages is a big no!
  • Rely on using easy landing pages instead of the complex ones. The main goal of a good landing pages is to make it easy for the customers to purchase the
    product they want. Such examples of easy landing pages are the merchandise page which matches the ad with the “Add to Cart” and “Buy Now” buttons found
    in Amazon and eBay.
  • Always keep yourself prepared for “campaign seasons”. A wise PPC advertising idea, preparing for campaigns on a seasonal basis is a great way to benefit
    from your target consumer’s purchasing habits during holidays.
  • Seek recommendation and advice from reputable PPC advertising professionals.


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