Understanding SEO

by admin on May 14, 2012

If you have a website or you are in the business of making websites for others, you will have to get a full background on search engine optimization or SEO. This is an internet marketing tool that makes optimized websites land in the top result pages of search engines. It is beneficial to be within the first three result pages of Google or Yahoo because searchers usually browse through the first three pages only. Rarely do they go to the other pages as this will be tiring for them. If you follow the right way to use SEO, your website will be seen by many people. If yours is a business website, you will definitely get more customers.

SEO employs the usage of keywords which are the words or phrases that online searchers use when they make an inquiry. The keywords should be used throughout your website so search engine will recognize the key theme of your website. It is however necessary to use the right keywords that best describe the product or service you are selling. In addition, your articles should be grammatically correct and comprehensible. Websites which have many grammatical flaws are not well-liked by users, therefore search engines penalizes these types of websites and regard them as low ranking when it compares many website with the same subject. In addition, use the keywords naturally and do not force them in your website.

SEO strategy suggests having a captivating title in your website or your articles with the main keyword in the title. The keywords should be in the beginning of the title. Make the title of your content sounds as natural as possible. You can also use secondary keywords too in the title if you want and as long as it will make sense.

SEO requires that in the body of your document, you should also include sub-headings to make your write-up organized. The sub-headings of course must have the primary keyword there. In your website, your home page or main page should have your primary keyword. It must be seen 2%-5% in the page. If your page or article has 500 words, 5% of that is 25 so you need to use the keyword 25 times. Do not go beyond 5% however as Google and other search engines regard these websites as spam since the keywords are excessively used for the purpose of SEO and not have the best user experience in mind.

SEO is now used globally by online businesses and companies to advocate or promote a product, service or piece of information. If you want to generate huge sales and profits in your online business, use SEO for you to achieve your goal.



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