Email Marketing

Email Marketing enables business owners to keep in touch with their clients with a very small budget. It can also be used to announce new offerings, of just to nurture your leads.


  • Manage emails of leads who are not ready to buy and keep in touch with them
  • Obtain prospects emails from your website, manual fill-in, or a bulk list of email addresses
  • Database management and forms are managed by the program
  • Create one time message, periodic message or survey forms
  • Very little man power resources to operate
  • Very lost cost to maintain

Key Features

  • Keep lists of different group of clients in order to perform different follow up activities
  • Create a message to a list of interested prospects to announce new products or services
  • Send messages to a list of customers to announce new updates to your practice, move to a new address etc.
  • Create a periodic messages or weekly/monthly newsletter to your existing clients
  • Create survey to find out what your customers like, send to them via email, or simply post it on your website

How it works

  1. Your account will be setup with the program. This will establish your username and password so that your client lists and your messages can be kept in your dedicated database
  2. Your campaign will be setup. This provides a default setting for subscription management and what you allow users to do with your email. One account can have multiple campaigns so you can have different setting for each campaign intent
  3. Your client list created. Cliet lists can be


Imagine if you have to create a program to do all those, and buying hardware to save the database of all your users, the cost would be tremendous. Now, you can do this for a fraction of a cost with the Email Marketing program and the help of our setup

Hourly Based:

$60.00 per hour (for Email Marketing project only)

Hourly based service is suitable for business who are not familiar with Email Marking program and need to decide what to do on the job

Project Based:

Project based is suitable for business that have clear information on the work to be done. So the work can be started immediately

Account Setup Fee : FREE

Default Campaign Creation : FREE

Client Emails setup : $1.00 per contact

Message Template Creation : $75.00 per template with pre-design template

Survey Creation : $50.00 per survey

Training : $60.00 per hourly

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I create different list for different groups of users ?
A: Yes, absolutely and you can assign group name to each to identify what each group is for

Q: Do I have to manage the subscription of users myself ?
A: No, our email marketing program manages that for you. For each email sent, there will be a message at the bottom which allows the recipient the option to unsubscribe themselves, in which case, their email will be removed from the database automatically

Q: Do I have to enter their email in one-by-one ?
A: You have 2 options, one is to enter the email (one-by-one, or from a file), the second option is to create a fill-in form on your website, any emails obtained from that form will be added to the list you’ve created. You can then follow up with that list with the messages you want to send to them


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