PPC Search Engine Marketing

PPC Search Engine Marketing

What is PPC (or Pay-per-Click Advertising)

PPC (Pay-Per-Click Advertising) is a technique to display your ads (with the link to your website) when online users are searching for your type of products or services. PPC ads show up on the search result page on the top or on the right side of the page, as follows:-

PPC Search Engine Marketing

So even if your website does not rank high in an organic search for certain keywords, your website can still be found through PPC technique. Yours ads are controlled by the bidding budget and the quality of your website.

With Pay-per-Click advertising model, your ads are highly customizable. They can be set up to display to your key demographic or other target audience – those that are actively searching for your product/service or who are inclined to learn more if presented the opportunity.

Unlike traditional online advertising which displays to general audiences, PPC displays to users who are actively searching for the type of products/services relevant to yours. Because these consumers are already interested in or ready to purchase your product/service type, sales opportunities increase dramatically.

But best of all, you only pay when your ads are clicked or displayed, so it is much more cost effective than traditional ads. These ads can even be tailored to your target audience based on particular geographic location, or to a specific demographic.

What are some other benefits of PPC

24/7 Advertising:

    • Your ads work 24 hours a day 7 days a week, reaching
    • Your ads work 24 hours a day 7 days a week, reaching a targeted group of audience who is actively searching for your product or service. You can even customize the region or time of day your ads will be active, thereby maximizing potential sales
    • Once ad content is approved by the review team, it can run immediately.


    • Your ads can reach audiences across several platforms including search network, display network, or even mobile devices.
    • It is targeted to the right audience. You choose the words or phrases relevant to your business that customers are likely to search for. They will only see your ads when they search for these terms.


    • Your ads can be set to advertise for brand awareness or to encourage a direct response to purchase
    • Ads can be displayed to specific geographical locations, demographic users, and even by the time of day when your target audience is most active online.
    • Ads can be paused or activated whenever you like.

Right-Sized Budgets:

    • With PPC Paid Search Advertising, you never pay more than what you are bidding for per each click and never exceed monthly budget.
    • You only pay when users click on your ads (CPC) or per thousand impressions(CPM)
    • Budget can be allocated independently for each campaign so you can invest more in profitable campaigns and less for others.
    • Budget can be adjusted lower or higher anytime.
    • Lower advertising costs than traditional advertising

Detailed Analytics:

  • Google offers the most extensive report in the industry to help you understand each aspect of a customer’s behavior so you can maximize the return for your business
  • You can see detailed reports any time of day or you can customize it for weekly/monthly reporting to allow immediate reallocation of budget to the most profitable ads.
  • Customizable reports let you see information that is most meaningful to you.

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