PPC Pricing

PPC fees consist of 3 components

  • Setup Fee – This is the setup of the initial accounts, campaigns, ad groups and ads.All accounts are opened in the name of the clients and are owned by clients for the life of the account. The fee is due to SpiderMizer.
  • Monthly Maintenance Fee – This fee is used to continue the optimization and enhancement of the ads in order to get the maximum ROI. The fee is due to SpiderMizer.
  • Campaign costs – These are the costs incurred when ads are clicked. This account is set up with Google and the method of payment is setup when the Adwords account is created

SpiderMizer™ PPC Setup fee includes

  • A brief tutorial about Paid Search Advertising and how it works
  • Consultation session to assess your business needs and the best strategies for your PPC advertising campaign
  • Keyword analysis to determine the most relevant keywords for your products/services so you ads will be targeted to the right
  • Create structure for your campaign, ad and keywords to maximize conversion potential plus help you determine an initial budget in a realistic and no-pressure environment
  • Create ads based upon your preference to be in search network, display network or mobile network in order to capture the most targeted audience for you
  • Optimize, prune and trim unprofitable keywords and ads in order to improve your Return on Investments
  • Setup periodic report based upon your preference (weekly, biweekly, or monthly)

PPC Monthly Management Fee: 20% of monthly campaign budget

(Month-to-Month with no long term contract or cancellation fee)

  • Optimization of ads and keywords for maximum return on investments
  • Improve ads and the way ads are displayed based upon past statistics of conversion
  • Adjust ads to display on location with the highest conversions
  • Develop additional ads for seasonal promotions
  • Develop additional ads for special promotions

Self-Managed Accounts

Clients who desire to manage accounts on their own can request training sessions for the rate of $100.00 per hour


All consulting fees are due at the beginning of the project, at time of contract signing. Monthly Management fee are set on recurring charges on the 1st of each month.

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